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  • Meet the Team: Ross Calthorpe

    We know that when it comes to buying a used car there are lots of options available to you; but what we also recognise is that people buy from people they can trust. As one of the leading used car dealers in Berkshire we have built up a reputation for excellent over a number of years and that all comes down to the high levels of service, great cars and a dynamic team of professionals with a passion for cars.

    So we wanted to introduce our team of automotive professionals who are here to help and guide you towards your ideal car for the best price in and around Berkshire. First up we’re going to introduce you to the boss.

    Ross Calthorpe, Director/Owner of Carnexions Motor Company Ltd.

    Ross has been working in the motor industry since 2001 and has previously worked for Toyota, Audi and then for the Sytner Motor Group. He started Carnexions Motor Co in January 2009 and the business has grown to where it is now.

    We sat down with him and ask him a few questions to give our readers a little insight into what makes him tick.

    What was your first car?
    I was quite the connoisseur in my youth! My first car was a lovely A reg Vauxhall Nova 1.2 modified bit by bit to make it look like a SR Model. The 1.2 engine was about as powerful as a modern vacuum cleaner but it sounded like an American muscle car owing to the hole in the exhaust pipe. I remember spending most of my wages and every weekend working on it as it was always breaking!

    What is your guilty pleasure (or at least one you’re willing to admit in public)
    Katie Perry.
    (editor’s note: “ok, fine – moving on”)

    What is your dream car? I don’t really have one, to be honest. There are so many nice cars, old and new it’d be difficult to choose just one. Thing is (and don’t tell Jeremy Clarkson) I love motorbikes too! So really I’d probably enjoy driving anything with a full tank of fuel.

    What was your motivation for starting Carnexions?
    I’ve spent a long time in the motor industry and have worked for some of the biggest groups in the country. I saw the things that they did well, but also where they fell short and I thought I could probably do it better if I went out on my own. I think I understand customers and what is important to them and so with the help of the team I have tried to build a business which offers the same vehicle but with better levels of service. We must be doing something right as we get a lot of repeat business.

    What is the best part of your job? I quite like meeting people. Most of my customers are great and it’s fun to meet new people and build relationships with them. We have quite a lot of repeat and local business, so you get to know people and what they might be looking for. I also LOVE buying cars! I don’t know what it is about parting with my money for a second hand car but there is something exhilarating about it. I mean, who doesn’t love buying a new car!!

    If you were putting together your perfect driving playlist which three bands/artists would feature most and which tracks?
    I’m not much of a rock or pop guy (with the exception of Katy Perry), I don’t really listen to many bands/groups. I might be giving away my age a bit, but I mostly listen to House music while I’m driving, and it’s usually on pretty loud! So, that was Ross. Keep your eye out for more Meet the Team blogs in the coming weeks.

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