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  • Car Throttle and the Half Million Mile Audi

    Contrary to what the title may suggest, this is NOT the next book in Harry Potter saga. As one of the leading used car dealers in Berkshire, we are used to getting some interesting car requests but when we were contacted by the lads at Car Throttle, it took us a little by surprise.

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    Ellie Goulding

    Do you remember that Instagram video Ellie Goulding posted of the chap in the VW Golf on the A40 being pushed sideways by a Royal Mail lorry? Well, the guy in the Golf was Jack from Car Throttle - The internet’s largest community for car enthusiasts. Obviously Jack’s precious VW Golf was written off by the insurers but he decided to buy it back. While the Golf was undergoing surgery, Jack needed a cheap car to tide him over.

    Cheap Car Challenge

    So Jack, Alex and Ethan from CarThrottle (CT) set a budget of £200 for a car that would be able to fill the Golf gap for two weeks and after ringing around a number of second hand dealers, got through to Ross here at Carnexions. When they heard about one of the old part exchange vehicles we had on our forecourt they had some lunch and popped over to Cookham where Ross introduced them all to the section of the forecourt affectionately known as ‘Poo Corner’.

    The 500k mile car

    The car in question was an Audi A4 1.9TDi which had done 541,475 miles. The vehicle had been looked after and had done most of its miles on the motorway as a previous owner had driven it from the local area, up the M4 to their office in Bristol every day for last ten years. The car was clean inside and out and was mechanically sound it even had functional cup holders.

    The CarThrottle chaps didn’t hesitate, and bought the car for £200 - bargain. We should make clear at this point, that we rarely have cars of this value on the forecourt and the CT lads got quite lucky with the timing of their project.

    We loved meeting the CT team, and we hope to work with them some more in the future. You can find the full video on their website or their YouTube channel. We’ll be keeping an eye out for any news on that Audi, CT still own the car and are planning on recording more videos featuring the old girl.

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    You can view the Car Thottle video below